Illustration Friday: Train

So This is Wonderland?

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Birthday present for my dear cousin who loves bread. Happy Birthday!

Illustration Friday: Wild

Inspired by Edgar Degas – L’Absinthe, 1876.

Illustration Friday: Urban

Looking Back: Mike Wazowski (2002)

All rights reserved to Disney.

Illustration Friday: Egg

The Daisy Hill Bunnies

Illustration Friday: Swim Pt. 3

Illustration Friday: Swim Pt. 2

Illustration Friday: Swim Pt. 1

Illustration Friday: Eye Glasses

My grandma used to bake us cookies. Not chocolate chip cookies, mind you. Cookies with oats, raisins, and pine nuts. She made us other things as well. Things we didn’t know the names… Continue reading

All I Ever Wanted

            All I ever wanted was a home I would paint the walls green Because green is my favorite color. And I would cook him dinner Because that’s… Continue reading

Illustration Friday: Yesterday

My Ugly Mouth

My ugly mouth. Damn those words that come out… Wanna tell you I love you, all I’m hearing is monsters saying, “Get out, get out, get out.” – Meg and Dia, “My Ugly… Continue reading

Illustration Friday: Talent

“Please?” “But you know I’m afraid of the dark.”

Looking Back: Aaliyah (2002)

Illustration Friday: Whisper

Looking Back: Swimsuit (2007)

Inspired by Austin Scarlett, Project Runway Season 1, Episode 6 “Making a Splash”

Illustration Friday: Wool

Illustration Friday: Storm

Looking Back: Organza (2007)

Illustration Friday: Wheel

Illustration Friday: Wings

Illustration Friday: Myth

And Run

I’m going to open my mind to all these newfound, exciting possibilities. I’m making all my own plans. Throwing all my old ones away. Gonna grow up, be someone. Draw a map, find… Continue reading

Illustration Friday: Ocean

My dreams remind me of an ocean.¬†They feel so open, like you could float in them. – Meg and Dia, “Dreams Like Oceans” [It’s Always Stormy in Tillamook EP]

Punching Bag

    Do you ever feel like a punching bag? You just take all the punches being thrown at you, not because you can’t fight back, not because you don’t say anything in… Continue reading

Illustration Friday: Edge